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Green Coffee Beans Benefits: Does it Really Help in Weight Loss?

Green coffee beans seem to have lots of health benefits, especially in weight loss. But how does it work? Are there any side effects? This article will answer all the questions.

What is green coffee exactly?

Firstly, green coffee is real coffee.

The pure, raw coffee beans, when they are plucked, before going through the process of roasting, is green in colour. And that is exactly what green coffee is. When it is roasted, it turns dark brown, the colour that you normally know as coffee colour. It also smells different.

Green coffee beans are just soaked in water for quite some time, and then crushed. You can buy the concentrated powder, mix it with water, and then drink the coffee.

So what are all the differences between green coffee and brown coffee?

  1. Colour
  2. Smell
  3. Taste
  4. Processing method
  5. Way of drinking
  6. Benefits
  7. Side effects

In other words, even though they are both coffee, they have completely different properties and affect your body differently.

Does green coffee really have any benefits, like weight loss? How?

The key benefits of green coffee are:


A chemical called chlorogenic acid can help in regulating your body’s insulin sensitivity and amount of fat absorption, limiting weight gain. It can thus boost metabolism, which in turn burns fat faster, and thus helps you lose weight.

A study published in the Indian Journal of Innovative Research and Development (IJIRD) indicated that a that pure, green coffee, contain this acid, but it gets destroyed in the roasting process. Thus green coffee can help in weight loss, unlike the regular brown coffee.

Green coffee also contains Polysaccharides, which helps boost metabolism, and thus aid weight loss. Just remember, that while green coffee can help in weight loss by itself, if you combine it with a proper diet and exercise, you can shed those extra pounds even faster.


Because of its ability to regulate your body’s insulin levels, green coffee can lower your blood sugar levels.  And this also indirectly leads to weight loss.


Green Coffee also contains beta-sitosterol, a substance that reduces blood cholesterol. So it keeps you healthier overall.


As mentioned earlier, green coffee has many antioxidant properties, preventing hardening of your arteries and keeping them clear, thus improving blood circulation.

How can you have green coffee?

Green coffee power is available in 2 forms: soluble and powder.


You can just buy the powder, mix it with hot water, and you are ready to go! This is the more recommended method, suitable for everyone.

You can also buy the soaked beans and crush them. Or you can buy the raw beans, and soak and process them at home. Just note that they are much longer processes, and since there is no roasting involved, whether you buy the beans or the powder, the taste doesn’t differ.


Green coffee can also be processed and sold in the form of pills, like a supplement. But before you use this, check with your doctor, as it may not be suitable for everyone.

If you don’t like the taste of the green coffee (remember, it doesn’t taste like roasted coffee), you can add other ingredients in it like mint, cinnamon, ginger, etc. They all have their own health properties and will further help your body.

Please don’t add sugar or milk in your coffee. They will slow down the process and especially if you’re drinking this coffee to lose weight, adding sugar is hardly the best idea!

When should you drink this coffee?

It is best to have this coffee about twice a day, for getting the best results. You can have it before or with food, doesn’t matter. It’s best not to drink it after food, though, on a completely full stomach as it affects the absorption of various substances like iron and folic acid. Wait for at least one hour after the meal to drink the coffee.

You may need to consume it for about 2 months before you can see real results..

Is there a limit to how much green coffee you should drink?

Ideally, don’t drink it more than thrice a day, and more than 50g in 24 hours. Otherwise your body may change very suddenly, and sudden weight loss is not recommended. Best to spread it out over a period of time.

Is it safe to drink green coffee? Are there any side effects?

High-quality green coffee is perfectly safe and as we’ve seen above, is actually helpful for your body. But the process of containing the chlorogenic acid in the coffee is a bit expensive, so be careful of cheap green coffee because they are usually low-quality, with lesser amounts of this substance.

Also with high-quality coffee, be careful of the amount you drink, because:

Green coffee helps in increasing your metabolism, helping you digest faster and get rid of toxins from your body. If drinking this coffee leads to stomach problems or diarrhea, you should reduce your consumption.

Remember, green coffee still contains caffeine, so if you are also drinking other kinds of coffee or other food which contain high amounts of caffeine, you should be careful of your total intake.

Hope this answers all of your questions about green coffee beans and gets you started on your journey to better health, including the biggest one of weight loss!

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